Drawings for Chinese Children’s School

My wife is a Chinese school teacher, for adults and children. She asked me to draw these two pages for the her classroom (3 – 6 years old). It had to be visually simple and clear. On the first page, she taught to the little students what’s the Chinese word for a list of features (nose, eyes, mouth, ears…) On the second one, I provided a drawing of a simple character with a blank face along the vocabulary. They have to place them back on the face, at the right place. It’s really a first for me, but I liked doing that. And when I saw my paper in the hands of the children, when they learned and drew on it, I must say I was pretty happy! It’s a new audiance!


Bon anniversaire Florent !

Français : Un petit dessin pour l’anniversaire de Florent ! Merci pour ton aide dans la relecture et la traduction des strips ! Toi aussi résiste à la tentation de Zelda !

English: A drawing for my friend Florent! Thanks for your help on the strips! You too keep continue to resist to Zelda!


Original post: http://thebayonneshow.blogspot.fr/2017/03/bon-anniversaire-florent.html

Bon anniversaire Quentin !

Français : Bon anniversaire à mon pote Quentin, qui résiste douloureusement au dernier Zelda ! Courage ! J’ai également vraiment envie de mettre la main dessus !

English: Happy Birthday to my friend Quentin! Keep continue to resist to Zelda!


Original post: http://thebayonneshow.blogspot.fr/2017/03/bon-anniversaire-quentin.html

Exhibition of “The Bayonne Show”

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, I will have a panel at the town hall of the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, France, from tomorrow Monday 6th February 2017 to Friday 10th February 2017. A selection of some strips of “The Bayonne Show” will be displayed there! The party begin at 7 PM, come along and see for yourself!

Original article: http://thebayonneshow.blogspot.fr/2017/02/exposition-exhibition-bayonne-show.html

Facebook page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/623199991199813/